Vacant Eyes 

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Vacant Eyes Suspenseful, thrilling mystery.

After recovering from a brutal attack on a country road, Brynn, discovers a clairvoyant ability to see past events while being physically in a room. Wevik’s heroine begins searching for answers of a close friend’s disappearance while unraveling her own assailants identity in this thrilling page turner. I couldn't put it down and enjoyed the descriptive beauty of the farm life, family and the gutsy yet poetic way that Brynn seeks answers to the mysteries surrounding her.
Received an advance reader copy.

By Irene Strong on Amazon September 22, 2017

Riveting! I was consumed from the start to the end I couldn't put it down!

I am absolutely blessed to have received an advance reader copy of this amazing, suspenseful book! It is absolutely riveting. I was consumed from the start to the end. I felt that I was side-by-side with Brynn, facing her past, her memories-it was absolutely captivating.

By rhojo on Amazon September 22, 2017

Excitement & Suspense are waiting for you.

Excitement and suspense are just two of the emotions I found myself feeling when I read an advanced copy of "Vacant Eyes". I had a hard time putting it down and enjoyed it very much. I always thought I had figured out what was going to happen when I turned the next page or started the next chapter only to find that the story had a mind of its own. Stories and books that generate this much fun to read are few and far between. I highly encourage you to get your own copy of "Vacant Eyes" and enjoy the spellbinding tale. You too will feel you are part of the book as you read

By D Petersen on Amazon September 22, 2017

Intense Mystery

Brynn Young is a farm wife, mother of two and photographic artist. Eighteen months ago she suffered a traumatic rape and beating, the details of which she has mercifully blocked out. Now, eighteen months later, she discovers she has a psychic gift of visions. Upon entering the abandoned farm houses she photographs, she inexplicably sees in her mind’s eye events that have taken place in those rooms by the families who once lived there. The visions peak her curiosity and lead her to investigate with her new found gift the mystery of what happened to a high school friend who disappeared 16 years ago; and ultimately to remember the details she’s blocked out of her own traumatic experience.

With humor, insight and intensity, Wevik weaves a tale of mystery in rural southeastern South Dakota. Her descriptions of the various landscapes, and her knowledge of tech-infused hog and grain farming set the tone of a peaceful, comfortable, yet busy life. Her characterization and voice of the people, culture, and colloquialisms of this rural community is right on target. It thus provides a vivid contrast to the intense and heartrending mystery that unfolds as Brynn seeks to put her life back together.
I have been given an advanced copy of this book for review.

by Sue Evenson on Amazon September 22, 2017

Buckle your seat belts suspense!

(I was given an advanced copy.)

The opening scene: A woman left for dead. Eighteen months after the assault, Brynn desires a normal life. Yet, when the past appears in visions, Brynn wants answers. The course she chooses may get her killed.

Brynn, when she wasn't working alongside her husband Jackson at their 2400-head hog facility, enjoyed drawing—old abandoned houses.

Non-stop action from page one. It felt like being on the Autobahn, speeding toward a destination. Or. Since the book's setting was on a farm; flying out of my cousin's barn holding onto fast-moving sheep. What I'm saying is: I couldn't put the book down.

While reading, many questions formed in my mind, driving me forward. Page after page the tension stayed high, with a few moments of calm. (The rhythm of the writing was great.)

Brynn and Jackson's kids were interesting. Sometimes pudding flew. (Reminds me of my house.)

This is a read, I'll soon not forget and characters I'll miss. Rarely do I read a book twice. This one I will. In fact, I've started reading it again.

There are twists and turns that make this one excellent read. I tried to figure out the book before the last page. I failed with an ending I didn't see coming.

What a great read. I look forward to any future book Christine may write.

By Randy Trampon on Amazon September 22, 2017

Vacant Eyes by Christine Mager Wevik

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